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Getting Cash For Gold Is Easy.

At Gold Buyers Trust we make it easy for you to turn in your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds for cash.

It's easy to get started!

  • Fill out the Free Gold Kit form on this page.
  • Click on the Request Your Kit Now button.
  • We rush mail a ZipPak Kit to your front door.
  • Send your items back via prepaid overnight UPS.
  • We process your items and send the cash.


Gold Lock Price Assurance instantly locks in your price.
Gold Lock ™ Price Assurance instantly locks in your gold price.

Even if the price goes down, we'll honor today's locked in price. When we process your order, if gold is higher, we'll pay you at the higher price!

With our Gold Lock Price Assurance you avoid any worry that you may have sent in your valuables at the wrong time. Now that's peace of mind.

Make fast cash for gold buyers.
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Cash For Gold
Selling is as easy as 123. Request your free kit, send your valuables back, get paid.

Gold Buyers Trust

Looking for a trusted cash for gold buyer? We're here to help when it's time to sell.

Think about it. Having extra cash can really help when you need it the most.

If your looking to get instant cash for little time and effort, you need to think about selling some of your precious metals and diamonds. Look around, you probably have old jewelry lying about the house, unworn, broken, or layered in dust. It's time to put those items to good use by selling them for cash.

Gold Buyers Trust makes it really easy to turn your old, unwanted or broken Jewelry, Sterling Silver or Diamonds into the cash you need now.

With prices at an all time high, there has never been a better time to cash in. Simply call or fill in the Web form to request our free ZipPak kit, and we'll send you a secure, insured, prepaid UPS envelope to overnight us your jewelry risk-free, and without any commitments to sell.

Getting cash for your gold has never been easier. With thousands of customers served, Gold Buyers Trust is the blue-ribbon company when a you decide to sell gold.

Up and Down Gold Prices. Unsure When To Send In Your Gold?

We are the only buyer that offers our exclusive Gold Lock Price Assurance.

What is Gold Lock Price Assurance? It's our exclusive price assurance that locks you into the gold price the day you ask for your ZipPak Kit. Your price will never be lower, even if the price goes down. If the price is higher when we receive your overnight ZipPak Kit, Gold Buyers Trust will lock in the higher price and pay you more!

With our price guarantee you'll never regret sending in your precious items at the wrong time. For more details visit our Gold Lock Price Assurance page.

What type of valuables do we buy?

Jewelry - Sell gold, sterling silver, platinum and diamonds got Gold Buyers Trust.
Diamonds - We buy diamonds! You'll get top cash based on clarity, cut, color and carat weight.
Sterling Silver - Silver flatware, tea sets, candlestick holders, silver bars and much more.
Coins and Bullion - We buy United States and foreign silver and gold coins as well as bullion bars.

If you are not satisfied with your payout gold buyers will send back your items. Check out the What We Buy page for more info.

Our Cash For Gold Guarantee:

At Gold Buyers Trust, if you are not satisfied with your payment for any reason, simply notify us by phone or email. Then return your check within 14 business days of the date printed on the check and your items will be returned to you free of charge and with no hassles. See our terms and conditions for all the details.

Have questions?:

Call 1-877-465-3308, email, or Web Chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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